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Common Questions

Are your Earrings Safe For Sensitive Ears?

YES. I always had a hard time finding trendy earrings that were safe for my sensitive ears and made sure to only use hypoallergenic earring posts. My pieces can be worn all day long, while still maintaining comfort.

Are these earrings heavy or will it break ?

Polymer Clay is not heavy, it gives the illusion that it is, but its extremely lightweight. You still need to be gentle with it and treat with care. Please do not intentionally try to bend or break.

How do you care for polymer clay earrings and remove makeup from clay? Tarnish from brass and gold accents?

Polymer Clay Care:

• Keep in a room temperature or cool area and out of direct sunlight (unless wearing).

• Never wear polymer clay earrings while swimming or showering.

• To clean, wipe with a damp cloth or Q-tip. Makeup can be removed by gently wiping surface with a makeup wipe or a makeup remover-soaked Q-tip. Nail polish remover also works.

• Polymer clay, though durable, is still fragile, so please handle with care.

• Brass components can also tarnish over time. Rub brass with a jewelry cloth or microfiber cloth to clean and look new.